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We are a boutique recruiting firm specializing in mid to senior level personnel for ERP, IT, Application, and Project Management professionals.  We source both permanent and contract professionals. Our clients include in-house IT departments, hardware/software vendors and developers, and consulting/professional service firms. 

Our partners, Ed Parsons and Ken Ferguson have almost 50 years combined IT recruiting experience. Leveraging a massive database of contacts built over the years and a streamlined business process to identify the top 20% of the most talented IT professionals in the country, BRS has the experience and resources to quickly and accurately identify and attract top performing individuals that will bring the most value to your organization. For quality recruiting, "Experience Matters". 




Imagine your company wanting to engage someone to help you catch one of the biggest fish in the ocean.  Imagine further that you have 1,000 staffing agencies standing along the beach, casting out in to the ocean and waiting for the big fish to bite.  Sometimes, the staffing companies will catch a fish… and then they will spend the rest of the day convincing you that it is the biggest fish in the ocean.


Now Imagine Berkshire in a boat, rowing out to the middle of the ocean and casting in to the area where the big fish live (and work).  That is what we do!!

It may take a little longer to row out to where the big fish live and it may take a little longer to reel in a bunch of fish and to choose THE biggest fish, but at the end of the day, isn’t that what you want?  


Experience matters!

quality recruiting


Although no recruiting firm can guarantee the ultimate performance of the candidate you choose to hire, we can guarantee OUR performance in every step of the recruiting process.  


We are very confident in our judgment in matching the technical requirements, culture fit, and career goals of the candidate to the position.


In the unlikely event a candidate you hire should choose to leave your company or is let go due to job performance within 90 days, we will re-conduct the search, free of charge.

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We believe that our clients want to work with firms that consistently produce results


We believe that nothing worthwhile comes easy


We believe that good things come from hard work


Focused. Knowledgeable.



Recruitment specialists exclusive to:

  • Information Technology

  • Application Development

  • QAD/Progress Technology




Are these your expectations when you contact a recruiter about making a career move? 
  • Treat me as the highly skilled professional I am.
  • Understand what I do for a living.
  • Respect the time, energy and money I have invested to develop my skills.
  • Bring honesty and integrity to your dealings with me.
  • Don't leave me in the dark, be responsive to my calls and emails.
  • Have empathy for what I'm going through with this major life decision.
  • Help me work through the logical and emotional issues of making a change.
  • Tell me what my options are and help me choose the best path.
  • Give me insight into my marketability and the industry trends so I can adapt.
Because fulfilling those expectations is not only our commitment to you, it's our practice.
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IT Recruiting





I've worked with Ed as a colleague and as a client over the last 10 years. He is highly professional and an expert in his area. He does an excellent job screening candidates and matching them to the best position.


Rose Moore, Senior Data Management Manager, Ultimate Software


BE Aerospace partnered with Ken to help rebuild our IT department. This included a vide variety of skills and levels of the organization. His wide reaching network and his representation of our company enabled us to get the best of the best to interview for our positions. Ken will definitely be used in the future should we have additional needs.


David Reneer, Director Global Support Services, B/E Aerospace



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