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Ken Ferguson - Resume Review/Rewrite, Digital Footprint, and LinkedIn Training

If you've been in the same company for a while and have not needed to update your resume, or are finding that your current portfolio of documents isn’t working, I can help you create apresentation based on the resume elements that I have seen get a hiring manager's attention every time while avoiding raising red flags.

Throughout my recruiting career I've relied on the custom resumes I prepare for each and every one of my candidates as the "sales brochure" to get my clients' attention and have them want to interview that candidate. Over a 32 year career in recruiting that's a LOT of resumes written. My income has depended on those resumes "working" so my resume writing approach is based on real world practice day in and day out.

I will go over your current resume and interview you to gather the data about your experience, skills, and accomplishments that I need to create the first draft of an outstanding new resume that presents your background most effectively. Together we will then edit the document to fine-tune it to ensure it represents the true facts and does so in your personal style.

To help us prepare for the resume interview it is best that you complete the Self-Assessment. In addition to bringing the best parts of yourself to light it is also an excellent interview preparation exercise.

Once the resume is finalized we will then review the other elements of your "job search personae" that prospective employers will encounter - cover letter, LinkedIn profile, phone greetings, Facebook page, blogs, Google results - to ensure they are consistent with the "brand" you want to project.

Professional Fee: $450 OR $250 initially + $250 after starting new position.

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