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Experience Really Does Matter

Recruitment specialists exclusive to:

  • Information Technology

  • Application Development

  • QAD/Progress Technology

Berkshire provides a professional recruiting service conducted on a personal level that brings together the interests of both the candidate and the client to their mutual benefit. The key to this type of "match-making" is an understanding of the needs and psychology at work on both sides that can only be gained through years of experience and by taking the time to ask all the necessary questions to understand both sides. 


The other key to success in a market where candidates are in high demand yet every hire is critical for you, is our "BEST AVAILABLE, NOT FIRST AVAILABLE" approach. The market is not only full of "pretenders" - candidates with keywords on their resumes but little else - but the high demand has also spawned countless IT staffing firms promising instant results for low fees. In the race to the bottom these firms can do little more than throw what they have on their desk at you.


They simply can't afford the time investment required to do the "heavy lifting" of the countless hours and phone calls needed to uncover and build relationships with the kind of quality candidates that you are looking for.  


When you engage us we focus on your opening, starting with taking the time to understand your company's technical, cultural, and soft skill requirements. This includes getting to know and work closely with your hiring managers to define the hiring criteria and determine their likes and dislikes when it comes to soft skills.


This also means meeting face-to-face with them whenever possible. It means gaining a deep understanding what it is about your company and the role that would be attractive to target candidates. 

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IT Recruiting, Healthcare Technology, Healthcare IT, recruiter, recruiting, h

Experience Matters

Next we focus on sourcing the initial long list. In this step we take massive action putting all our focus and energy into conducting a thorough and exhaustive searches for prospective candidates. We literally scour the market using multiple sourcing and recruiting techniques in parallel as we reach out to make contact with candidates to present the opportunity and qualify them.


One of the unique assets is our huge database of current and former candidates and contacts built up over a lifetime of networking and interviewing. Our newsletters and our eBook on Job Search are widely distributed among the IT and Healthcare Technology communities so many prospects already know us and are receptive to our calls. Typically within the week these efforts will result in a set of "suspects" or referrers to move forward.  


We now get in depth with the suspects and start generating second level referrals from the initial contacts. We conduct personal interviews and references, chase down leads and winnow the list to the best available candidates to take it to the next step of the first round interview with your hiring team.


From there we co-ordinate the interviewing process between your managers and the short list of candidates leading up to the presentation of the offer, closing and objection handling and what is often a very difficult step... the resignation of the candidate from their current position.

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