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With so many years in the recruiting industry, we have hundreds of examples of great hires with a file full of cards, letters and emails testifying to the professionalism with which we do business.  Being recognized by so many people for doing a good job is very important to us and we don't take this acknowledgement lightly.  We take great pride in knowing we are making a difference to both our clients and candidates. Here are a few of those stories: 


Medical Service Provider

A newly hired COO at a fast growing healthcare provider was referred to us when she needed an IT Director who could establish the IT foundation to support the rapid growth of the company.


After applying our "best available" talent acquisition system and having the person on board for four years she told us that the team, software and infrastructure he built was not only instrumental to handling a quadrupling of the business but was industry leading. The candidate's feedback was that it was the best job he ever had.

National Retailer

ERP Implementation 

We were engaged by the CFO of a $2.5B South Florida client to help them revamp and upgrade their IT organization after several acquisitions and a move to centralization had moved them from a collection of small shops to a major IT organization. A new CIO was hired and we went to work filling out his new organization.


They have a strong HR function but needed specialty recruiting help for the IT function. They also faced the challenge of being in a smaller market with few qualified IT professionals. In a year we helped them source and relocate 15 people in key management and technology roles who are making a tremendous contribution to the company with zero fallout of the candidates we sourced.


IT Leadership Succession

The CIO of a $750M manufacturer, who we had sourced technical talent for previously, contacted us to announce his intention to retire and engaged us to find his replacement. The client had several challenges including a small town location with no local qualified talent, was up for sale by their private equity owner, and all the other executives worked out of another city. Over the course of 2 months Ken scoured the market reviewing hundreds of resumes, interviewing dozens of prospects, applying the Berkshire Assessment tool to the top 12 and presenting portfolios on the top 5 to the client. After interviewing the finalists, the client executive remarked: "these candidates are all excellent, I don't know how I'm going to choose among them."


IT Transformation

Impressed with our work on a retained search for a Director of Global Support Services for this $3B Fortune 1000 manufacturer, the CIO asked us to take on the challenge of acquiring 25 additional Directors, Managers and Technical staff. These new people would be the cornerstone of his plan to transform the company's IT function and he was on a tight timeline.


The company is in a niche market experiencing rapid growth despite an overall economic downturn and IT needed to become "world class" to serve the growing technology needs of the company. Not only are they located in a small market with few qualified IT professionals but the housing crash rendered many out-of-area prospects immobile and unavailable. Our solution was to work 14 hour days onsite with full access to all the managers to drive the hiring process.


After candidate selection, the HR department quickly processed offers and relocations, the CIO emailed us the following wrap up comment: " I think it is important that you stay current with our opportunities and with the activities of our senior staff. You have been a tremendous help in transforming and upgrading our IT team. I am sure there will be additional opportunities as we continue our efforts in 2012 and I would like to ensure you remain a key part of our senior team."



Ken has a fantastically engaging conversational style that is a pleasure to experience. He's always learning, always exploring and truly loves to share what he's learned. Each time we meet I come away with pages of great notes. Ken brings immense experience to his profession and is laser focused on client success and business results. He's more than a go-to for executive recruiting. Ken is a sage advisor for building businesses as well.



Ed is a very personable recruiter. He recruited me for a position out of state and was very courteous and friendly throughout the entire process. He went out of his way to help me find temporary housing and ensured that the relocation process was painless, something that I've never experienced with other recruiters before, who seem more interested in having you sign on the dotted line ASAP so that they can collect their bounty.

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